When searching for a software development partner, it is important to ask specific questions to best understand the value they will bring to your company. We’ll cover two questions in this video.

Question one: How can I be sure the development team will understand my business requirements and priorities? You need every touchpoint with your software development partner to have value since you have limited time.

The most critical success factor for custom software development projects is ensuring there is one individual who is responsible for conveying your vision to the team. An embedded product owner ensures that what the development team delivers is aligned with your business priorities. Know the difference between outsourcing and using software development partners. Outsourcing will require a significant overhead to manage and will not have an embedded product owner. Software development partners will provide a comprehensive team that drives product development with scheduled stakeholder input.

Question two: How often will I see a demonstration of working software? The best way to deliver business value is to build software iteratively with frequent stakeholder reviews. Frequent demonstrations provide an opportunity to give immediate feedback and quickly course correct if your priorities or requirements have changed. An agile software development partner should be able to demonstrate small pieces of working functionality every two to three weeks, ensuring that your application is always evolving in the right direction.

It was hard to stop at just two questions. Contact us to hear about the five additional questions to ask when searching for a software development partner.

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