Our Story

Over 35 years of hard-won software development experience

Years before Ascendle, I was in charge of developing a new product at my software company. It failed. The problem wasn’t the product – customers loved it. It was I had spent too much time and money getting it done. This painful conclusion led me to realize two things:

  • Software development isn’t about technology, it’s about delivering business value. In software, business value frequently takes the form of a new product designed to drive higher revenue for our customers.
  • Delivering business value doesn’t matter if it’s not on a predictable schedule. Otherwise, it’s impossible for the business to create plans to maximize that value. “When will I get this revenue?” is a critical question to answer.

Since that hard-earned lesson, I’ve become fully committed to the agile process. How committed? For starters, I learned everything I could and applied what I’d learned to each project I approached. I wrote a 500 page book that synthesizes the agile framework with the powerful technology tools available for today’s development teams. And most important, I founded Ascendle, a custom software development company built from the ground up with the sole purpose of delivering business value faster. This relentless dedication to Accelerated Software Delivery has attracted a talented group of technologists, each as focused on delivering value as I am. Together, we take on the most critical and complex projects we can and deliver maximum guaranteed business value to our customers. Sincerely, Dave Todaro Founder & CEO, Ascendle

Dave Todaro
Dave TodaroFounder & CEO

Our Team

Aaron Roberts
Aaron RobertsProduct Owner
Ben Friedberg
Ben FriedbergSoftware Architect
Catie Caruso
Catie CarusoBusiness Development Assistant
Diana Bourns
Diana BournsPresident
Gina Angelone
Gina AngeloneProduct Owner
Graham Thorsen
Graham Thorsen Software Architect
Jackie Russ
Jackie RussStrategic Finance
Joy Curth
Joy CurthVP Technology
Kevin Allen
Kevin AllenSoftware Architect
Kristina Tolles
Kristina TollesScrumMaster
Lisa Todaro
Lisa TodaroVP Finance
Lori Setliff
Lori SetliffScrumMaster
Luke McConnell
Luke McConnellProduct Owner
Marcus Grimm
Marcus GrimmMarketing Strategist
Matt Studley
Matt StudleyScrumMaster
Nelson Peters
Nelson PetersProduct Owner
Patrick Witt
Patrick WittScrumMaster
Sarha Huq
Sarha HuqScrumMaster
Steven Dormann
Steven DormannScrumMaster
Susannah Parnin-Mitchell
Susannah Parnin-MitchellProduct Lead
Tina Reynolds
Tina ReynoldsVP Operations
Tom Schwendler
Tom SchwendlerProduct Owner

Ascendle Core Values

At Ascendle, our core values aren’t aspirational. Rather, they define who we are on a daily basis and are reflected in the work we do. You’ll find these five values prominently on display across the entire team, moment after moment, in sprint after sprint.