Product Strategy

What We Do

Accelerate your vision through strategic planning

It shouldn’t take years to get your product to market. Our product strategy approach helps you put your product into the hands of users in months, not years.

Go-to-Market FrameworkSM

From defining your vision and goals to a dependable roadmap and process, our Go-to-Market FrameworkSM promises faster time to market, team alignment around your vision, and clarity on projected timelines.

Go-to-Market Expertise

Vision & Goal Setting

Defined Release Types

Visualized Roadmap

Backlog Maturity ModelSM

Governed Process

KPI Measurement

Data-Driven Decisions

Multi-team Design

Product Ideation

From identifying your vision to prioritizing the highest-value features, our product strategists help you form a well-defined overview of how your product will allow users to accomplish their goals.

Product Ideation Expertise

Brainstorming Sessions

User Role Identification

Key Feature Identification

Feature Prioritization

Competitor Analysis

High-Level Roadmap

Target Device ID

Technology Fit Analysis

User Insights

Building a product users love means winning their hearts and minds. We help you determine the best way to exceed their expectations through research and analysis of your customer’s wants, needs, and desires.

User Insights Expertise

User Research

Persona Development

User Interviews

Environment Analysis

Computing Analysis

User Need Identification

Kano Analysis

Journey Mapping

Technical Strategy

A critical part of rapid software development is nailing down a key set of technical decisions up front to help guide the development team and avoid surprises. We’ll help you select the right technology and frameworks that deliver on your business needs and apply best practices to support your sales model.

Strategic Technical Expertise

Technology and Frameworks

Licensing Strategy

Security Strategy

Deployment Strategy

Multi-Tenancy Strategy

Tenant Provisioning Strategy

Development Strategy

High-throughput production of software applications requires a solid architecture and DevOps strategy. We’ve created a set of best practices, including our Ascendle Application ArchitectureSM—a lightweight, proven approach that supports rapid development and today’s best practices.

Strategic Development Expertise

Architecture Strategy

Source Code

QA Testing

Automated Testing

Test Environment

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment

Performance Testing

Execution Planning

Drive your business initiatives forward with a solid understanding of your development effort needs. Using our proven process for agile estimating and planning, we’ll rapidly create an estimate you can rely on and design your development team and delivery phases to promote rapid development.

Planning Expertise

Feature Size Estimation

Estimated Level of Effort

Schedule Projections

Dev Team Structure

Phased Implementation Strategy

Product Concept Validation

Before handing a product vision off to the development team, it’s important to validate the high-level concept of the product. We utilize a variety of tools to “pre-visualize” the product concept to ensure it will deliver on expectations.

Product Concept Expertise

Product Positioning

Summary of Capabilities

Sales Model

Business Process Workflows

User Workflows

Conceptual Wireframes

Clickable Prototypes

Assumptions and Dependencies

Feature Definition

When driving an agile development effort, it’s key to get into the details without slipping into a waterfall-style months-long specification process. We use lightweight techniques to complete the process in weeks, not months.

Feature Definition Tools

Feature Prioritization

Feature Sizing

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Scope

User Stories

User Story Mapping

Business Domain Model

Additional Requirements Definition

From regulatory standards to ensuring the product fits into corporate branding frameworks, we perform a lightweight analysis and capture the pertinent details of “everything else”.

Requirements Definition Tools

Applicable Standards

System Requirements

Performance Requirements

End-User Documentation Requirements

Labeling and Branding Standards

“There are a lot of companies who talk the talk, but Ascendle actually walks the walk.”

– David Young, Technical Product Owner, Honeywell