Modern business becomes more complex by the day. Departments often evolve for specialization that gives way to fragmentation. Within a short amount of time, employees lose the larger-world perspectives of customers and stakeholders, leading to decreased innovation. Worse, well-intended efficiencies that worked at a micro-level might create longer-lasting challenges when assessed from a broader view. Organizations that wish to preserve knowledge-share frequently turn to Communities of Practice to maintain open dialogue between departments. These Communities – or Circles of Excellence as they are known elsewhere – ensure continuity within the organization.

Yet, these Communities of Practice can be a challenge to launch and maintain, particularly in agile organizations where the tasks of a daily sprint can sometimes overshadow larger but more nebulous concerns. That’s why we’ve published the Complete Guide to Communities of Practice. This guide includes:

  • CoP Foundations – why top companies pursue Communities of Practice and how to structure them for success
  • Fast-Tracking Your CoP – how the best organizations swiftly recruit and launch their CoP, and how you can, too
  • Agile CoPs – how the challenges uncovered within a CoP can successfully cross the chasm into the backlog and – eventually – the sprint

…and more!

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