If Agile is so Amazing, Why is it so Hard to Produce Reliable Results?

Most executives, managers, and team members get excited to adopt agile only to see it fall far short of expectations. This 500-page book has the answers to the team-level challenges that hold companies back, and includes all the content we teach in our six-figure agile transformation programs.

“This book describes not just every step of the agile process, but the entire process of becoming agile, the production of agile products, and how to deal with the changes that need to happen across an organization’s whole culture.” – Amazon Reviewer

In The Epic Guide to Agile, you’ll discover:

  • Personal examples and anecdotes to tackle problems at their source
  • Effective ways to introduce agile and Scrum into your organization
  • The exact system to achieve productive sprint planning sessions and successful sprints
  • The typical issues that can doom your team and how to conquer them
  • The testing and source code control techniques your team needs to be successful
  • Tricks to smoothly get your product into production and much, much more!

Ascendle CEO Dave Todaro has lived and breathed software development for over three decades. After running successful agile teams on a daily basis, he’s ready to share his insights and techniques to help your company reap the benefits of his experience.

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