From project planning to prototype development, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are streamlining and strengthening software development processes. Artificial intelligence helps developers write code more efficiently and effectively. AI also assists in automating the testing process, and through machine learning, can improve test case quality. Although you may have heard otherwise, artificial intelligence development services aren’t taking software development jobs, they are fueling innovation and speeding product development processes.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Artificial intelligence doesn’t develop software on its own, but it offers a powerful group of tools that benefit the development process at all stages.

AI is useful in the early stages of development and can speed initial consultations and requirement gathering processes. It can also aid in assessing feasibility studies. During planning and strategy processes, it can aid in designing architecture and in tech stack selection. One of the most powerful ways AI can help in early development processes is by defining and setting parameters for projects.

During the actual development process, AI can blend seamlessly with agile processes, aid in data acquisition, cleaning, and annotation, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems. AI is also a powerful partner in monitoring performance and handling updates and improvements to existing software.

Benefits of AI Integration for Software Companies

One of the most significant benefits of AI integration for software companies may surprise those who haven’t worked much with AI tools: an increased focus on creativity and innovation. AI tools enable software developers to see patterns that might previously have been obscured in mountains of data, and they also assist developers with routine tasks, allowing them to be more creative and flexible in their thinking.

AI integration with software development processes also benefits:

  • Decision-making through data-driven insights
  • Strategic planning through predictive analytics
  • Efficient operating procedures through automation
  • Customer support through AI-powered responses
  • Reduced costs through automation and efficient resource allocation
  • Reduced errors and improved quality through AI-assisted monitoring and checking

AI integration also provides significant advantages in detecting and responding to thoughts. Its ability to handle large volumes of data also provides software companies with scalability as well as a strong competitive advantage.

Real-world Examples of AI Success Stories

AI is all around us these days, and we may not realize how many businesses have already used it to drive innovation and achieve success. If you’re familiar with the writing program Grammarly, this company’s language-oriented AI engine has aided writers of all types, including software developers, in writing clearer, more effective descriptions. And, you may not always enjoy the recommendations Netflix serves up to you, but it’s been successful in integrating an AI-driven content recommendation engine for viewers.

While IBM’s Watson for Oncology efforts did not end up as successful as initially hoped, newer medical and healthcare technology AI efforts like Zebra Medical Vision have won international contracts and patents to provide helpful diagnoses for eye conditions, breast cancer detection, and more.

Here are some other examples of AI success:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) giant Salesforce’s Einstein AI has produced a 29% increase in productivity among sales professionals across all of its clients.
  • GitHub Copilot has helped Spanish navigation software company Indra’s staff to spend 30% less time on boilerplate code. It also gave their developers a 20% boost in productivity when they were working on new features, along with 20% more time to work on and solve complex problems.
  • These are just a few of the examples of how AI has empowered companies to improve productivity and find new, innovative solutions for customers.

Best Practices for Implementing AI Technologies

Companies can be confident they are using best practices in implementing AI by working with an experienced development partner like Ascendle. Ascendle is experienced in each area of best practice which is critical for successful AI technology integration with existing or new software development projects, including:

  • Identifying problems and defining clear objectives
  • Understanding data, ensuring quality, and meeting privacy standards
  • Providing a skilled, well-trained team
  • Developing prototypes and iterating development
  • Enacting robust testing and validation
  • Integrating AI models seamlessly and monitoring performance

Best practices for implementing AI technologies also require strong people skills, including good communication with stakeholders and obtaining and using actionable user feedback.

Another best practice in AI implementation involves human judgment and decision-making. Experienced development partners like Ascendle can uncover hidden biases and ethical concerns regarding AI implementation and eliminate potential problems before they get started.

Future Trends in AI Software Development

You’ve probably heard about AI’s potential uses for self-driving cars and human-looking robots. Additional trends in AI-driven software development include multi-modal development, which incorporates text, image, and audio analysis along with more interactive and intuitive capabilities for users, including voice, gesture, and the ability to recognize and respond to voice tones and facial expressions.

AI is already driving many enhancements to healthcare technology, from AI-assisted surgery techniques to diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Artificial intelligence is also augmenting cybersecurity and has helped to deter a number of cybercrimes from identity theft to larger-scale cyberattacks on businesses.

Ascendle’s team has the experience necessary to integrate AI with product strategy, mobile and web app development, and platform development so you can build better products. Contact Ascendle today to learn how artificial intelligence development services can benefit your software development project not only today, but moving into the future.

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