In a recent webinar and eBook, we outlined the process known as Value Stream Mapping, one of the most powerful frameworks to isolate the speedbumps that impact business efficiency. Those speedbumps are better known as constraints and when it comes to understanding the process of breaking through them, we suggest our latest eBook, aptly named The Theory of Constraints: The Ultimate Guide.

In this eBook, you’ll find everything you need to wipe out the constraints that are holding you back. We address the history of the theory of constraints (TOC) from its first formal use in a novel (of all places), before moving on to several use cases, applicable to any industry.

Still, you want to understand how the TOC applies to software development and – most specifically – how it applies to agile organizations. Constraints, in most cases, can’t simply be eliminated and in most cases, you wouldn’t want to! But with a firm understanding of the TOC, you’ll understand what to do about all of your constraints and, equally important, how to strategically think about where constraints provide the greatest risk to your success.

This eBook is a compilation of our blog series on the Theory of Constraints, including:

Download “The Theory of Constraints, The Ultimate Guide” now.

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