Today, speed is the killer app. Shave one hour off production and it means a positive impact for the business. But slice a needless step off a repetitive task and you’ve just changed the game.

In this webinar, we introduce you to Value stream mapping, the vital framework that identifies and quantifies where you’re most losing time.

Previously, we’ve explored how people, processes, and tools contribute to velocity. This time around, it’s all about unpacking the hurdles you’ve intentionally or unintentionally dropped into your business that are holding you back.

Value stream mapping was first popularized by the Toyota Motor Company. Since then, it’s been adapted from everything to construction and software development. Learn as Ascendle agile coaches walk you through the strategies and tactics that go beyond Scrum to maximize software velocity.

Attendees learned:

  1. How to build your own Value Stream Map using our free template
  2. The philosophical approach to building velocity through Value Stream Mapping
  3. How to identify and overcome constraints within your own Value Stream

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