Leverage the Expertise of Successful Business Leaders

We’re not only technology experts, we’re also entrepreneurs who have launched award-winning products across multiple industries. We have over 100 years of collective experience with all aspects of software product strategy including market research, customer insights, and product ideation. Our lean product strategy approach shortens market launch from years to months, putting your product into the hands of users in record time.

Product Ideation

From high-level product visioning to drilling down into the details, our software strategists work closely with you to understand your product vision. We are experts at identifying and prioritizing the highest-value features to form a well-defined overview of how the product will allow users to accomplish their goals.


Brainstorming Sessions

User Role Identification

Key Feature Identification

Feature Prioritization

Competitors and Alternative

High-Level Roadmap Creation

Target Device Identification

Technology Fit Analysis

User Insights

Building a product users love means winning their hearts and minds. We conduct research and analysis to understand your target audience’s wants, needs, and desires, then we determine the best way to exceed their expectations.


User Research

User Persona Development

User Interviews

Physical Environment Analysis

Computing Environment Analysis

User Need Identification

Kano Analysis

Journey Mapping

Product Concept Validation

Before handing a product vision off to the development team, it’s important to validate the high-level concept of the product. We utilize a variety of tools to “pre-visualize” the product concept to ensure it will deliver on expectations.


Product Position Statement

Summary of Capabilities

Sales Model

Business Process Workflows

User Workflows

Conceptual Wireframes

Clickable Prototypes

Assumptions and Dependencies

Feature Definition

A key tool to driving an agile software development effort is getting into the details while not slipping into a waterfall-style months-long specification process. We use lightweight techniques to complete the process in weeks instead of months.


Feature Prioritization

Feature Sizing

Minimum Viable Product
(MVP) Scope

User Stories

User Story Mapping

Business Domain Model

Additional Requirements Definition

An important part of the product vision is discussing and documenting “everything else” besides the core functionality of the product. From regulatory standards to ensuring the product fits into corporate branding frameworks, we perform a lightweight analysis and capture the pertinent details.


Applicable standards

System requirements


End-User Documentation

Labeling and Branding

Technical Strategy

A critical part of rapid software development is nailing down a key set of technical decisions up front. This guides the development team and avoids surprises. We’ll help you select the right technology and frameworks that will deliver on your business needs and apply best practices to support your sales model.


Technology and Frameworks

Licensing Strategy

Security Strategy

Deployment Strategy

Multi-Tenancy Strategy

Tenant Provisioning Strategy

Development Strategy

High-throughput production of bulletproof software applications requires a solid architecture and DevOps strategy to support the development team. We’ve created a set of best practices developed over many years of experience, including our Ascendle Application ArchitectureSM—a lightweight, proven approach that supports rapid development while supporting today’s software architecture best practices.


Architecture Strategy

Source Code Management

Quality Assurance Strategy

Automated Testing Strategy

Test Environment Strategy

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Deployment (CD) Strategy

Performance Testing Strategy

Execution Planning

It’s impossible to drive the needs of your business if you don’t have a solid understand of the size of the development effort and a schedule estimate. We use agile estimating and planning techniques developed over many years to rapidly create an estimate you can bank on and design the development team and delivery phases to drive rapid development.


Feature Size Estimation

Estimated Level of Effort

Schedule Projections

Development Team Structure

Phased Implementation