Why is it So Difficult to See a Specialist?

Patients who want to see a specialist must navigate a confusing healthcare system and they sometimes need to wait months for an appointment. Meanwhile, doctors are equally frustrated and feel like their hands are tied, constrained in the way they do business.

Surgeon Paula Muto and her patients shared these same frustrations and she thought, “There must be a better way.”

The Solution: A Doctor-Patient Marketplace

Her idea for a solution was simple: create a marketplace where patients and doctors can connect directly with each other. There would be a transparent fee system and doctor schedules would be readily available, allowing patients to be seen in days instead of weeks or months.

The idea for UBERDOC was born. There was only one problem: Paula was a surgeon, not a software developer. She knew technology would be critical and was all too aware of HIPAA privacy laws that govern the treatment of healthcare-related data. She couldn’t just hire someone off the internet and expect the level of quality and legal compliance she needed. Instead, she partnered with Ascendle.

A Product is Born

Through a series of strategic meetings Paula explained her vision and we worked with her and her team to nail down a minimum viable product (MVP) feature set and designed a streamlined UI to speed time to market.

There were several challenges we overcame in building this new solution. The custom scheduling process was particularly challenging but our user experience experts and the UBDERDOC team worked out a simple approach. Secure payment processing was required so we seamlessly integrated Stripe behind the scenes. And finally, as this was a SaaS application, recurring subscription billing and management was critical. We leveraged Recurly, integrating via their API to manage subscriptions.

Today, UBERDOC is thriving as they grow into new markets, and they continue to leverage the rock-solid web application platform we built.