Where We Partnered

Exym is a leader in the electronic health record (EHR) industry, supporting social service agencies across California. After joining Alpine Software Group, the team at Exym knew they wanted to create a better user experience by implementing a modernized platform that enables their customers to better manage their client caseloads and expand outside of their current market. Given the nature of the information they store, Exym needed a solution that would allow them to move quickly and securely.

After strategizing with Exym, we decided that our Velocity Multiplier offering would be the best option for their team. This solution armed Exym with the ability to deliver a product that their customers rave about while upskilling their current development and product teams.

The Path to Success

Strategic Architecture

A platform designed for long-term growth was our main objective. It was critical that every decision we made was the right decision, not the easy one. Before we started, everyone agreed that how we built the app mattered more than how many features we put in it. This allowed us to be strategic about our technical implementation to ensure we made the right decision from end to end.

Multi-Tenancy Support

The Exym platform requires multi-tenancy support, allowing them to isolate its data per tenant. This allowed Exym to host different clients on the same server without compromising security or performance.

Coaching and Upskilling Agile Teams

With Exym’s desire to help their team grow and develop, paired with the Velocity Multiplier offering, our agile experts were able to actively train and coach the Exym teams while producing working software. This was executed through classroom-style training that was tailored to their needs as well as working with embedded developers that were able to learn in a hands-on environment to be brought back to the larger teams.

In Conclusion

In the beginning, Exym was excited to do it all, as quickly as possible. As we worked together to breakdown their needs and priorities, we implemented a scalable architecture, critical features to support government compliance, and new ways of working as an agile team.

With each new challenge we had a cycle of skepticism, curiosity, and excitement. We felt like true partners every step of the way and were never afraid to ask questions or help find a solution to a new problem that arose. Using our experience and expertise, we were able to quickly pivot a conversation to get everyone on the same page. We also knew when to observe and encourage as Exym worked through the challenges of a new way of thinking.

We are grateful for the trust and confidence placed in us by Exym and look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Velocity Multiplier offering, let us know!