Technology is evolving faster than ever before and organizations are striving for efficient and effective teams to deliver high-quality products. As teams move away from traditional development approaches, they often struggle to balance skillsets that allow them to move fast. Dave Todaro shares his insights on how T-Shaped Teams can drastically increase throughput by avoiding over-specialization.

Traditional team structures assign roles based on the expertise of each person, but this approach can lead to bottlenecks, dependencies, and limited adaptability. T-Shaped Teams, however, embrace broader skill sets, creating versatile teams that quickly adapt and overcome challenges.

Learn how fostering cross-functional skills and knowledge-sharing promotes collaboration, problem-solving, and reduces reliance on individual specialists. By embracing the T-Shaped approach, organizations can unlock innovation, productivity, and team performance.

Access the complete content of Dave Todaro’s 2023 Agile and Beyond presentation on T-Shaped Teams.


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