Choosing from among the many different approaches to software testing and quality can be mind numbing: unit testing, behavior-driven development, test-driven development, smoke testing, manual testing, automated integration testing…and the list goes on. How do you create a software quality strategy that ensures you apply the right techniques at the right time? How do you balance the agile principle of “maximizing the work not done” with ensuring the proper amount of testing is performed to drive the highest level of software quality?

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In this presentation, agile software development expert Dave Todaro provides a high-level overview of various testing techniques and propose a multi-layered strategy to streamline the development process while maximizing quality. He’ll discuss how to mix the right amount of manual and automated software testing to ensure predictable release timelines and dependable quality.

By watching this video you’ll learn:

  • The differences between automated unit testing and automated integration testing
  • Popular tools that can be used to create and execute automated tests
  • When manual testing should be done, and how much of the product should be manually tested
  • What parts of the product should NOT be covered by automated integration tests
  • When to use user interface-driven test automation versus API-driven testing
  • The 10 elements of quality that Ascendle’s teams employ to build bulletproof applications

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