Technology leaders often have a gut feel for what’s lagging in their tech stack. But having a system for quantifying and prioritizing those needs is far less common. With unique businesses, technologies and customers, there’s often a sense that benchmarks fail to provide actionable insights.

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Jeremy Jackson, CTO of Alpine Software Group, respectfully disagrees. More important: he has a better way.

Join us for a special webinar where Jackson reveals his Minimum Viable Technology (MVT) framework, and how it’s helping to power the growth of Alpine’s group of more than thirty portfolio companies.

Case Studies will include:

  1. The video-heavy app that lowered storage costs by 50% using MVT
  2. A government-based transportation management application that was successfully migrated to the cloud
  3. The HIPAA compliant web app that bolstered compliance with savings realized after migration

Attendees will learn:

  1. The five facets of your tech stack that must be benchmarked immediately
  2. How to prioritize tech stack improvements for maximum gain
  3. How the MVT framework transforms your technical debt into quantifiable business value

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