Studies show that up to two-thirds of new software projects fail. One of the primary reasons for this high rate of failure is not truly understanding end users’ needs and doing one of the following:

  • Building the wrong product – You create the wrong set of features that do not represent the primary needs of the user.
  • Building a product that’s too big – You create a very large set of features that delays or prevents project completion, greatly increases development cost, and delays getting the product to market and opening the door to competitors.

How can you create a new product when you don’t truly know what your users need? The answer is the minimum viable product, or MVP.

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By using the approach of developing an MVP, you greatly reduce the risk of project failure, get your product to market much faster, and learn what your users truly want for features.

In this webinar we explain why an MVP is so powerful, and tell you how to decide what should go in your MVP. We also include some pointers for driving your MVP to completion.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you define what’s in the MVP
  • How to set a deadline and budget for an MVP project
  • Steps to take when you find your MVP project is off track
  • How to manage MVP users’ expectations
  • What happens after the MVP is done

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