Most companies are considering a move to the cloud for better security and data protection, data modernization, and cost and performance of IT operations. However, there are still thousands upon thousands of applications that are still hosted in data centers. Many of these applications took years–if not decades–to build. Can those applications be quickly re-created to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer? Or will they be stuck in a less-than-ideal “lift and shift” scenario–where applications are re-hosted in the cloud, but take advantage of only a fraction of the benefits the cloud offers?

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In this webinar, software development expert Dave Todaro of Ascendle and enterprise technology leader Kartik Sakthivel of LIMRA LOMA LL Global will walk you through your options. A “perfect world” strategy of all your current applications completely re-architected to take the best advantage of today’s cloud platform benefits is not an overnight endeavor. However, there are ways to take a pragmatic approach to leverage what the cloud has to offer.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the cloud increases security and data protection and provides for data modernization
  • The kinds of Increases in cost savings and performance of IT operations you can see via a cloud migration
  • The tradeoffs between “lift and shift” vs re-architecting for the cloud
  • Tips for balancing strategic planning with a pragmatic approach
  • 5 ideas you can start implementing today to increase your cloud penetration

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