Ask most agile practitioners how they came to choose agile over other product delivery methods, and they tend to report some common reasons:

“We were tired of working on software for months and then learning we’d made critical mistakes,” say some.

Others cite experience gleaned from new developers on their team who remarked about better camaraderie among their teams.

Of course, no other refrain is more common than the oft-cited, “We wanted to be faster.”

But is agile faster? Does it deliver fewer bugs? And does it help teams communicate better?

To be clear, for us at Ascendle, these are truly rhetorical questions. After years of strong discipline, we know that agile delivers, for us. But is our experience unique? We wanted to know.

That’s why we’ve launched our 2021 State of Product Delivery Survey. The questions within the survey examine three key topics:

  1. How deep is agile within your organization? Is it second nature to all departments – not just IT? Or, are you taking your first shaky paths down the agile pathway?
  2. Why pursue agility in the first place? No changes happen without focus and dedication and for that reason – few changes occur without good reason. But what were those reasons?
  3. Finally, and perhaps most crucially to those that have been on this journey for some time, what results have you seen? If you’re pursuing higher quality, are you – in fact – delivering higher quality?

For the next few weeks, you’ll find us promoting this survey and we’d love for you to contribute. Whether your team is made up of 5 developers or 500, your experiences with agile are important and will help others.

Everything agile is about efficiencies and this survey is no different. The average completion time is only around three minutes. But recognizing that your time is valuable, we’d like to offer you a five-dollar gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts for your participation. Whether you use it for a couple of donuts or a latte is entirely up to you.

Moreover, when the results are published, those who’ve taken the time to participate will likewise get the first opportunity to learn about the results.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to take the survey and share your experience.

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