Today’s software products go well beyond cloud applications running in the browser. There are huge opportunities to reach your users wherever they live—whether on a Windows or Mac desktop or notebook, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, or even on their TV.

With these opportunities comes a challenge: How can your developers come up to speed fast enough to build for all these platforms?

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Enter Xamarin, a free, open source framework from Microsoft, which can revolutionize your cross-platform development by shaving time and cost to build and maintain your app.

Leveraging the open source .NET platform, Xamarin lets your developers use one technology and one IDE to target Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. And the biggest benefit is up to 98% of the code can be shared across platforms.

Software development expert Dave Todaro and Development Lead Craig Howard will explain the ins and outs of Xamarin development and show you how easy it is to “build it once,” leveraging your existing .NET skills, teams, tools, and code.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The framework that supports Xamarin and how it supports multiple platforms
  • Tools to write and test Xamarin code
  • The reusable components that are supported across platforms
  • Cross-platform native user interface support with Xamarin Forms
  • Testing options available for cross-platform mobile applications

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