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There is a lot of leadership advice out there for tech leaders, and some of these tips get a lot of attention and seem like common wisdom. But just because everyone’s talking about them doesn’t mean they’re always right.

Many tech leaders have found that some of the widely shared management advice isn’t as helpful as it seems and can sometimes even backfire. In this article, 20 members of Forbes Technology Council talk about the tech leadership advice they’ve become a bit skeptical about and share what they’ve learned from their own experiences instead.

Evaluate and Reward Team Members Based On Individual Performance

“Leaders are often taught that employees should be reviewed and rewarded based on their individual performances. I think this misses the mark in two ways. First, employees should be reviewed based on the performance of their team. Second, they should be evaluated based on how they uphold your company’s core values. If you have the right core values, you’ll keep the right people on the bus, driving success.” – Dave Todaro

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