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Anticipation runs high before a significant tech product launch or update; developers are eager to witness their diligent efforts in action, and users are eagerly waiting to play around with the new features and benefits. The last thing anyone, be it a member of the development team or an end user, wants is to encounter bugs, inefficiencies, or security vulnerabilities in a freshly launched or updated product.

That’s why a resilient quality assurance (QA) system is indispensable. In this article, 19 members of the Forbes Technology Council share critical pre-release quality assurance procedures for development teams and emphasize why it is crucial not to overlook them.

Ensure QA Is Top Of Mind Throughout The Development Process

“If you’re thinking about quality assurance just before a release, it’s too late. Quality assurance begins before a single line of code is written by creating user stories that form the basis of team communication. It continues by writing clear test plans and automated unit and integration tests, manually testing each story, and ensuring the product owner reviews and accepts (or rejects) every one.” – Dave Todaro

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