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Having a lengthy backlog of to-dos is not uncommon for tech leaders. In efforts to “work smarter, not harder,” tech leaders track the many tools and strategies that they have tested; by doing so, they know what has proven to be effective time after time.

The members of Forbes Technology Council offer their favorite time- and labor-saving methods to help you manage a jam-packed workday or keep personal ventures on track. This article includes a variety of tech tools and strategies from 16 tech leaders that can help anyone boost their productivity and help knock some tasks off their backlog.

Simplify Your Meeting Scheduling Process

“My biggest ‘win’ in the last ten years has been adopting Calendly to automate booking meetings on my calendar. It provides a self-service method for my team members and networking contacts to book meetings with me, and it also makes it super simple for me to book a meeting myself. I never have a conflict, reminders are sent automatically and I built in a five-minute break between meetings.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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