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At some point in any organization, team members will need to take time off, and leaders need a workable plan in place for appropriate coverage. If you’re a tech leader, you will likely find yourself in need of a coverage plan for your IT or development team. After all, they’re expected to keep your company’s systems up and running, no matter the season or staffing numbers.

Dave Todaro, CEO of Ascendle and member of the Forbes Technology Council gives his insight on this issue. Here’s Dave’s suggestion to maintain the same cadence at work while some team members take their time off.

Maintain thorough documentation.

“In our company, the rule is, ‘If you or anyone else in the company is likely to do this at least two more times in the future, it must be written down. And it must be documented in a way that anyone can follow the step-by-step guidance.’ This approach empowers the entire organization by ensuring processes never live solely in any one team member’s head.” – Dave TodaroAscendle

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