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Mentors can be incredibly helpful in any profession, but in the tech industry where it is fast-paced and constantly changing, a mentor with years of experience and expertise under their belt can make all the difference to a new tech professional. Mentors can provide invaluable insight for someone just starting, but it’s important to take caution and take the time to research and find the best mentor for you.

Selecting the right mentor can be the difference between having someone to guide you to a strong start and someone leaving you behind in the dust. Here are some tips from tech industry experts on finding the right mentor.

Don’t Assume No One Wants to Help.

“When I was young, I assumed two things: 1) I didn’t need help and 2) even if I did, no one would want to help me. I now know I was wrong on both counts. Even the most capable among us can use an outside perspective to see what we cannot. And one thing I’ve discovered time after time is that experienced professionals love to lend their wisdom to those who are motivated to seek it out. Don’t be shy!” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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