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In today’s environment, technology workers are in high demand. Increasing options for remote work mean that employees have more opportunities than ever.

With so many options when it comes to industry and work environment, tech professionals often have their pick of multiple positions, making the process of finding and keeping top tech talent a challenge for businesses. Every company’s leadership team needs to understand the incentives that draw tech professionals to choose one company over another—and stay once they’ve arrived. Tech industry experts from the Forbes Technology Council share the factors that they’ve found are most attractive to qualified tech employees who are looking for a long-term tenure with an employer.

Excitement About The Job

“In my experience, the top technical talents are looking for one thing: excitement. Whether it’s working on a new project, learning a new technology or tackling a new challenge on an existing project, it’s all about having something to stimulate their mind. I recommend keeping an eye out for any team members who may be getting into a rut—consider a new assignment to keep them engaged.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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