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Tech leaders know that there’s a plethora of systems, processes, and programs when it comes to project management – so many that it can often be overwhelming for newcomers in the tech field. Instead of using trial and error to work through the pros and cons of processes and systems, a more efficient path to determine what’s right for their organization would be to ask experienced tech leaders for their insight.

Here are some project management tips from tech industry experts that you can use to better execute your next project.

Remember That Project Management is All About People.

“Remember that project management is not about the project or the work—it’s about the people. Communicating effectively to ensure everyone understands the vision, identifies the right steps to take and coordinates their daily work is the most important part of an effective project. So focus first on the individuals who comprise the team, followed by the nuts and bolts of the project.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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