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It is very common that tech companies work with businesses that are not in the tech industry themselves. However, this dynamic can be challenging when non-tech clients do not know how to communicate their needs to the tech company that they are working with. Most non-tech organizations don’t “speak tech,” and can have difficulty explaining exactly what they’re looking for in a tech solution. The representatives from the tech company must be able to identify the underlying issues, or else their “solution” may offer no value to their client and may even cause more problems.

By knowing and asking the right questions, tech companies can get a better understanding of what their new clients are looking to achieve. Industry experts from  share some smart questions to ask non-tech clients when starting a new partnership.

“How Do You Define Overwhelming Success, Regardless of Technology?”

“By getting a client to think about outcomes as opposed to how to get there, we find they can speak much more effectively about what they’re looking for. We can then leverage our expertise to transform their vision of “what” into a technology-focused “how” to drive their strategic goals.” –, Ascendle

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