Back End Engineering with .NET Core

.NET Core, an extension of the .NET Framework, is an open-source, general-purpose development platform created by Microsoft. Ascendle developers favor .NET Core for its direct security support, uniform programming style, simpler development processes, and easier debugging.

This cross-platform framework runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. and It can be used to create a variety of applications, whether it be mobile, desktop, web, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, microservices, and many of the other technologies favored by our customers.

Ascendle uses .NET Core to solve today’s modern problems and develop cloud-enabled, Internet-connected apps due to its scalability and high performance. Included in the framework are Angular and React, two of the most widely-used SPA frameworks. Thus, front end web apps become fully functional.

Today, most applications today operate across a range of devices, like the backend on a web server, a front end for admin, and an application for the consumer. .NET Core development makes this easier by being a “one-stop-shop” framework that works for all devices.

You have absolute autonomy in selecting the development operating system, allowing Ascendle software developers to work simultaneously across Linux, Windows, and macOS devices.

At Ascendle, we use this framework to empower your project and increase your business value. Further, we create custom projects that exactly match your business needs and process instead of one size fits all.

.NET Core is the ideal platform for developing extraordinarily complex and future-proofed apps. When using.NET Core, we can create cross-platform services using the.NET Framework, Ruby, Java, and more. It also supports a Microservices architecture. For both Windows and Linux servers, .NET Core’s server runtime is lightning-quick and blazingly fast.

.NET Core is the right choice for building an app that relies on multiple .NET versions. Why? Well, it improves app speed while reducing risks and costs associated with app updates and IT processes.
If you’re interested in learning about some of the projects we’ve completed that have .NET Core development, be sure to check out either our Honeywell case study or our Amadeus Hospitality case study.