Maximum Software Velocity with Ascendle

Peak performance for software teams requires the optimization of people, processes, and tools. Though each plays a vital role, the synergies that occur when all three elements are maximized drive organizations to higher levels than previously achieved. Ascendle’s custom software development training and coaching help teams ship mission-critical, quality software faster.

Ascendle has extensive experience conducting tailored assessments on the factors preventing your team from achieving their potential. From team chemistry to agile performance through DevOps, we find where you’re outperforming the competition and where your agility is being compromised.

Gaps in agile or engineering are then addressed via custom components from our Ascendle AcademySM training system, delivered both in-classroom and on-project.

Team Assessments

Bringing your team to the next level begins with understanding their current strengths and weaknesses. We spend time with your team members to learn about their current level of knowledge and proficiency with agile concepts, and design a training program to raise their level of agile proficiency.


Scrum Ceremony Audits

Product Backlog Review

Team Member

Specification Review

Team Observation

Training Program Design

Agile Training

Scrum is simple but not easy. We walk your teams through classroom-style training on relevant topics, educating them about agile concepts and illustrating how a handful of techniques can dramatically improve their productivity and results.


Scrum Fundamentals

Manager and Executive Training

Writing User Stories

Product Backlog

Agile Estimating &

Sprint Planning

Day-to-Day Sprint

Sprint Review Strategies

Effective Retrospectives

Multi-Team Backlog

Agile Scaling Techniques

Agile Coaching & Mentoring

Using the foundation of knowledge from classroom-style training, we step your teams through the day-to-day process of executing in an agile fashion. This allows teams to reinforce the concepts they’ve learned and apply them to get better results.


Team Observation

Team Feedback

Q & A Sessions

Team Troubleshooting

Email Support

Refresher Training

Technical & DevOps Assessments

To get the best results from an agile process, teams also need to utilize agile software engineering and DevOps techniques. We spend time with your technical team members to understand the current state of their code and architecture, as well as how they’re applying automated testing and automated deployment techniques.


Unit Testing Strategy

Architecture Analysis

Code Review Technique

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment

Test Technique Review

Technical & DevOps Training

We’ve spent years refining our technical discipline to speed delivery for our clients. We teach your team those same techniques, allowing them to better support the agile process and boost their throughput and increase quality.



Agile Code Reviews

Test Automation

Git & Git Flow

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment

Agile Architecture

Walking Skeleton

Scrum Handbook

Epic Guide Cover