You may not be an industry leader – yet – but surely your business model is designed so that you can sustain a competitive edge or gain the drive you need to become a leader. If the business model doesn’t include a software mindset, however, you could be in for a surprise. The companies that are leading the way and entrenching their existence for the next decades are those that are winning the war with software tools. Here’s a look at just a few:

  • Apple. Sure, you may think that Apple dominates because of their elaborate but easy to use phone, but it’s actually their intelligent software that’s captured the hearts of millions around the globe.
  • A book and movie seller (and reseller) by day, software company by night, Amazon is dominating the market because of the software that powers their product offerings and business model.
  • Wal-Mart. The low-priced retailer has gained notoriety and a surefire edge over the competition with its sophisticated use of big data and innovative logistics software.
  • LinkedIn. Not just a tool for recruiting personnel, the platform connects job seekers and employers in a way that’s much more efficient and streamlined than ever before.
  • Netflix. It’s not your grandmother’s movie rental. This up-and-coming has turned the industry on its head, using innovative software to completely transform the movie renting landscape.
  • Expedia. Say goodbye to travel agents and hello to the new travel business model: Software that powers travel searching and simplifies the booking process.

While your business may not be in the same class as a giant like Wal-Mart or Apple, surely when Netflix started or LinkedIn opened its doors the first day, their teams probably hoped they would one day succeed – but never in their wildest dreams did they know just how integral software applications would be to their success – and how successful they would ultimately become.

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How could a software mindset transform your company’s future?

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