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Outsourcing software development has always had its place as a go-to solution for organizations. Some companies do so to cut costs, while others are optimizing for speed to market. Regardless, this trend is destined to continue. But how should your organization think about how and when to outsource software development?

Ascendle CEO, Dave Todaro, shared a framework for considering outsourcing in his recent article with the Forbes Technology Council. Rather than asking tactical questions about skill-sets, Dave suggests first looking at where your company fits within the competitive environment:

  • Low-Growth companies can use Google’s 70/20/10 model to work with a hybrid strategic development partner
  • Mid-Growth companies, who are typically challenged by distractions, capacity, and split-focus have a three-prong strategy for innovation that balances team focus and hybrid strategic development.
  • High-Growth companies need to be able to keep pace. A strategic partner can help build scalable architecture while internal resources focus on moving fast.
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