The difference between working with a remote team and an in-person team is substantial. When your team is co-located, communication and coordination come easy. But now employees are working in an entirely new world.

While some companies are returning back to their offices in a post-COVID world, many companies are adopting a hybrid or even fully remote approach for their employees.

In a December 2020 survey of 1200 office workers in the US, it showed that around 55% of employees enjoy working remotely and would like to have 3-5 remote workdays per week after the pandemic is over, but many employers worry about their teams keeping up to speed. How do you keep their productivity from falling off a cliff?

The good news is agile teams already have the tools they need to navigate these challenges and remain highly productive. Working remotely does not mean that your team’s communication has to suffer, either. In fact, we can help show you ways that it can improve from where it originally was. They just need to leverage three critical success factors to drive a level of resiliency that can absorb and accommodate the new world they’re facing.

By embracing a handful of techniques, remote teams can leverage their collective capacity to drive the results of each sprint, to keep moving the company’s business objectives forward. In this webinar, Ascendle Founder and CEO Dave Todaro outlines 3 key success factors to boost your remote team’s success.

Learn about these techniques with detailed explanations, examples, pros and cons, and more by viewing our webinar. Attendees will walk away from this webinar with tips, tricks, and strategies that they can immediately use and implement into their day-to-day work routine.

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