There’s a proven solution to the problem of finding talented programmers to meet your business outcomes.

It’s a hybrid approach, essentially onshoring the leadership (within the U.S. or Canada) of management personnel for the project combined with offshoring the technical resources.

In essence, you get the best of both worlds: experienced managers who know how to get the most out of an offshore team, and efficient offshore talent who can get the right product made at a reduced cost within the timeframe that you need it.

Hybrid outsourcing

The hybrid approach helps put the technical resources into the hands of busy, cost-conscious businesses and startups that lack the expertise and bandwidth to develop software but who are dependent on innovative technology to drive their businesses.

An established software development and management firm will have the expertise to:

  • Find the best talent
  • Work with the team to ensure it’s productive and efficient
  • So that you get the best value for your investment
  • And your software or mobile application is completed on time and on spec.

With the expertise to find the right talent, overcome cultural, language and time zone barriers, and ensure on-schedule delivery and a product that does what it’s supposed to do, you can trust that your investment in the software will deliver the expected outcome: driving your business to become a leading force in your market – without losing sleep or credibility with investors or executives.

Why Ascendle?

Ascendle has over 30 years of expertise managing software engineers. Our proprietary process has been honed over years of adapting SCRUM for project management and successfully navigating communication issues that result from cultural and language differences. Our teams of offshore talent are lean, efficient, get results, and routinely outperform U.S.-based teams of programmers. Watch our free webinar, Always Ship On Time, to see exactly how we do it.

We craft our clients’ software development with care, we “own” the projects, and client input is embedded into the architecture of the design process. We also deliver working, shippable software every two weeks so there’s total transparency for clients in terms of our progress and the end product that’s in sight.

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