From the dawn of the internet, scholars and technologists have been quick to point out that the very word “internet” is short for an interconnected network. From the beginning, the promise of this new world was one where data could flow between organizations, providing unique value propositions to each.

Most commonly, this promise is fulfilled through the use of APIs, the digital highway that connects data sources.

The Complete Guide to APIs for the Enterprise is a compilation of five comprehensive blog posts on the topic, each taking a unique view of how APIs impact organizations and help businesses deliver more value to their stakeholders.

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Chapter 1: APIs Are the Cornerstone of the Digital Era
Chapter 2: Five of the Best API Integration Tools
Chapter 3: Five More Top API Management Development Tools
Chapter 4: Why Do We Hear So Much About Open APIs These Days?
Chapter 5: Composable APIs Paving the Way for the Composable Enterprise

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