The shortage of technology talent and the high cost of hiring and finding U.S.-based software developers is affecting many businesses. The way you decide to tackle the problem will make or break your organization.

Need that app built yesterday, and investors are demanding results?

Worried about holding onto your job if you aren’t able to deliver the software?

It’s imperative that you deliver. You need to innovate now, but you can’t find the people necessary to get the job done. Watch our webinar on different outsourcing strategies that you can use to solve your need for extra software development capacity.

3 strategies for software development

After investigating in-house options, you realize your company is deficient in expertise, doesn’t have the bandwidth, or lacks the financial resources to hire onshore talent; even if your budget allowed, there’s still a shortage of local creatives.

But you still need the app or software to stay competitive in a constantly changing, high-pressured market and ensure a sustainable business.

Outsourcing the project helps companies build the software needed to propel their businesses to the next level.

Once businesses decide to outsource, they typically have two options:

  • Nearshore the project to contractors in nearby countries, such as Costa Rica or other South American countries.
  • Offshore talent sourced from countries in Asia or Europe.

Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll still need the time and resources to effectively manage the project.

There’s another option you can choose if you lack the time, skill and experience to manage an offsite team: Hire a leader in outsourcing and managing software development teams.

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