Are you wary of software development claims?

Heard horror stories about out-of-control costs and never-ending deadlines?

Ascendle’s proven software development process takes the guesswork out of deadlines, costs and the end product. Learn more about how we use Scrum to drive business results.

The Ascendle Way

We’ve built our software development process on more than 30 years of expertise, finely tuned project management, and adept teams. Before we start a single character of code, we build the foundation:

  • First, we learn your business and your needs. We develop “user stories” out of this conversation, and help you reach a goal for the product that will deliver user benfeits and drive your business’ needs.
  • Then, we create a “story board” of tasks based on the complexity of the project, so that we can create a realistic deadline and projected cost for the software.
  • We create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that ties directly back to the user stories, ensuring that the MVP meets the needs of the stories.
  • At this stage, we create specific, detailed project outlines to get the project launched.

Ascendle’s process includes a few other key steps. Read how the Product Owner and ScrumMaster play a critical role.

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