If your company was birthed prior to 2012, you’ve likely run up against a brick wall trying to adapt traditional software applications to new technologies. Your business probably lacks the internal expertise to create software or mobile apps or adapt existing technologies to run in the cloud.

And more, the market has changed so much in the last two years, it’s usually not cost-effective or feasible for businesses to host on their own, due to the high costs of maintaining servers, conducting updates and so on.

If you don’t have the personnel to assign to developing software…

Some companies may take the long-term view and spend the resources to train existing employees. However, going this route means it will take awhile to transition your business to the cloud, and you’ll have to hold off of creating that new app or driving innovation with software. Few businesses can afford to put revenue-dependent projects on the back burner.

Hiring someone with the right skills to join your team is another option, but as you’re learning, there is a huge shortage of technical people to go around. Our free webinar, I Have an App Idea, Now What? explores some of the options available to you.

For many businesses and startups, even if it were possible to pay the salary of the programmer, you may never find one who can work onsite. The problem doesn’t get easier for businesses located in metropolitan areas. The challenge of nabbing a developer with the expertise you need may only worsen, as competition for available talent becomes stiffer, the demand for bonuses and perks grow, and cost of living (and hence, employee payment) is higher.

Outsourcing with a proven leader in managing software development teams provides your business with a viable way to get your project going.

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