When I talk to people about Ascendle, they often ask me, “So, where do you guys fit in? What kind of problems do you solve?” And, usually, there are three different types of problems that a development partner would be a great fit for. The first one is just simply executing on new ideas. One of our clients talked about a new idea for a year and a half internally, to the point where it kind of got to be a joke within the company. Sure, you guys will get to that someday, I’m sure. And they could just never quite get around to it. The thing is that even if you have hundreds of developers, which this client did, they’re all busy. They’re all busy with their current work, and they can never quite execute on those great new business ideas that have been floating around the company.

The second is technology. Technology is moving at a very rapid pace, and it’s very difficult to keep up, again, especially since everyone’s busy. We’re moving our current products forward, keeping our current customers happy, and we don’t always have time to spend the 6 to 12 months that it might take to learn the latest stuff.

And then the third one is responding to customer feedback. We have a roadmap, but our customers are giving us all these great ideas, and we can’t always work on both. We can always stay the course with the current roadmap, plus deal with all of our new innovative ideas coming from our customers. So that’s another great way to leverage a development partner, is to move the needle in that way or any of those other ways. We’d be more than happy to talk to you about your ideas, please contact us for a free consultation.

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