It’s not just the little guys that must compete as a software company in order to drive sustainability. The motto that now “every company is a software company” applies to nearly every organization – and the likes of Microsoft isn’t even immune to the challenge.


Microsoft largely made its revenue and renown for selling software licenses. But they’ve seen the writing on the wall and are heavily investing in new areas to drive a competitive business model. Namely, Microsoft is investing resources in building an infrastructure for cloud-supported analytics and software. It’s changing from a product-oriented revenue model to a service model. Finally, it’s toying with an outcomes-based scenario where revenue growth can be derived from enterprise applications that outline specific efficiency improvements.

Medical devices

Medical device maker Becton Dickinson has also seen the advantage that software can bring to a hardware-based industry. Investments in software and development should lead to improved intelligence and functionality in diagnostic equipment.


Pizza company Dominoes is also pursuing digital capabilities along with mobile and analytics advancements that will ultimately drive a better consumer experience with regard to deliver service times, customer service and business transparency.

Ultimately, the business models that marry software investments along with branding and product development will succeed in developing a lasting presence in their respective markets.

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