Have past projects made you gun shy to outsource?

Even so, behind-the-scenes workings are making it impossible to innovate:

  • Your team can’t develop software quickly enough to meet demand.
  • You can’t move forward due to out-of-control project costs.
  • Past projects stalled due to a failed QA process.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet

Ascendle’s agile, iterative development process was carefully constructed over 30 years and out of trial and error, until we landed on a tested, proven process that works, every time, for every client, in every industry.

In the first stages of development, we listen to your story, create a minimum viable product, and outline the project’s specifics. But it’s our management process and team experience that really shine:

  • Every project has a dedicated Product Owner, an advocate who ensures that the end product never veers away from your and your user’s needs.
  • The management process prioritizes iterative feedback and building in increments.
  • Small, agile SCRUM teams consist of several core members: the Software Engineer writes and tests code; the Software Architect designs the technical framework; the User Interface/Experience designer focuses on the look, feel and workability of the app; the Quality Assurance Engineer tests the software to ensure it meets the project’s goals.

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