While Connecting Point Marketing Group (CPMG) is a driving force in innovation, leading retail, hospitality and healthcare executives toward unique approaches to solving their industries’ problems, the trade event organizer turned to Ascendle and PixelMEDIA to further their innovative spirit.

“We try to be innovative with our delivery and event model and experience people have at our events,” said CPMG Partner Nancy Splaine. With a web-based application powering their events, CPMG knew they needed to give event attendees the mobility that today’s consumers demanded. Ascendle provided the engineering, or the construction of the app, while PixelMEDIA drove the user experience.

“A mobile app was the next iteration of convenience and experience for event participants. It has been asked for, and we had been investigating strategies, alternatives and potential partners to do it with,” continued Splaine.

The decision to outsource the skillsets needed to generate an app that would drive future events was a logical one. The marketing company turned to the experts at PixelMEDIA and Ascendle.

“Right out of the gate, for the company we are, which is small and local, from a cultural standpoint, one thing that stood out to us was that [the companies] were local. We could have meetings together,” said Splaine. “We looked at companies overseas and in Canada, and that resonated with us. In addition, the content they showed us [also impressed].

With the right partners in place, the project got underway with a few key outcomes.

“We’re starting out with basic functionality, scheduling information, and wowing [event attendees] with the content,” said CPMG Project Lead Holly Lovvik.

Attendees are responding positively.

“They’re saying, Wow, this is so cool. I can do this from my phone and the text is big enough to read,” Lovvik continued. “One of the things that was big for us and the mobile experience was the connectivity issues that hotel events introduced. If you have a web app, you’re still reliant on the internet connection,” Lovvik explained.

Now that company has a mobile app that allows event attendees to look up their schedule and make connections with other attendees, CPMG has its sights set on future iterations of the app.

“With the agile model [that Ascendle uses]…it’s a very transparent model and process. Having that kind of insight and ability to communicate in predictable ways and consistent reviews… it’s worked well for us,” said Lovvik.

For more on how Ascendle’s agile model drives results, read their article on Driving Business Results with Scrum.

Over the coming months, the New Hampshire-based companies will continue to work with Ascendle and PixelMEDIA to include additional web functionalities to the mobile app, driving innovation further for a company whose reputation for having a grasp on the future is second to none.

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