Is your business looking to increase its reach, but need an app to give it life?

Are you under pressure to produce but have fewer resources to compete?

Do you lack the time to innovate while juggling multiple projects?

Outsource the project to get your software or app built, on time and on budget.

1 – Your employees don’t have the internal bandwidth

Innovation is great, but it takes time — and your existing employees who could potentially be tasked with creating software or mobile apps don’t have the bandwidth.

The reality is, your staff is too busy.

The time it takes to maintain the status quo is so great, there’s not much time to innovate. You have applications to maintain and support. Managers and other key employees have full schedules on their hands, with little time to devote to creating products, coming up with ideas, or managing a new endeavor. Human Resources needs time to search for programmers, bringing a few in and vetting them, and presenting them to the decision-makers (who also need time to participate in the process).

2 – You’re facing a temporary or one-time project

Maybe you need extra bodies for a special project that’s only projected to last for a few months. With the labor and resources it would take to find, hire and train a temporary team, the numbers often don’t add up. It may take four to six months to do the legwork to put a team together, and then once they’re hired, train the new employees on your corporate culture, project needs, and client goals.

3 – It’s not your core business

Non-technology companies that need an app to work with a product or deal in technology-related products or services are good candidates for outsourcing.

  • If your specialty is manufacturing thermostats, keeping your business lean and focusing your efforts on what you do best produces results.
  • If you develop hardware or UX design services and you need software to drive the product, does it make financial sense to devote resources to an aspect that isn’t central to what you do?

Eventually, it may make sense to build your own team of agile developers who can build and innovate, but for now, you just need to get the software built to drive revenue. Outsourcing can supply that need at a reduced cost, without the wait.

When companies lack the internal expertise or bandwidth to get a project off the ground, it makes sense to turn to outsourcing. For projects that are one-time events or you need an app but it’s not part of your core business, outsourcing is a viable option to meet business directives.

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