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If you ask a tech executive to talk about their top-performing developers, you might expect to hear about team members who have worked with industry leaders, graduated from top schools, or have an impressive résumé. However, you might be surprised to learn tech leaders often say developers who show such traits as empathy, humor, and flexibility are those who stand out as assets to the company.

The experts of Forbes Technology Council have years of experience in leading tech teams and have shared what traits their high-performing — and highly memorable — developers tend to have.

A Fun Personality

“Software development can be stressful, and it can sometimes be difficult to feel like a team when all daily interactions are virtual. The best developers I’ve seen bring more to the table than just their technical chops—they bring a personality. Whether it’s through sharing a funny meme, a picture of their pet or stories of their sourdough starter, they keep things fun, and the entire team benefits.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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