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As a tech leader, not catching sloppy coding habits before they travel beyond an individual developer can quickly turn into a nightmare. These poor habits can lead to bugs that affect fellow team members and delays in production that will impact clients.

Regardless of why developers create less-than-ideal code, tech leaders can guide their teams to better practices that boost productivity, speed, accuracy, and team morale. If you’re looking for advice to help tech leaders and developers ensure their teams are producing better-quality, cleaner code, this article features insight from 16 members of Forbes Technology Council, including Ascendle’s Founder and CEO Dave Todaro.

Experiment With Pairing And Mobbing

“I recommend experimenting with two techniques to drive code quality higher: pairing and mobbing. Pairing is where one developer is on the keyboard and another is providing overall direction—then they switch. It is especially helpful to pair an experienced developer with one who is less experienced. Mobbing is when one developer is at the keyboard and two or more people are providing input and observing.” – Dave Todaro

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