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Whether an issue arises relating to specifications, design, or coding, everyone on the tech development team wants it resolved as quickly as possible. Developing strategies to identify, report, and correct bugs and concerns is crucial for businesses to efficiently resolve these issues. Having established procedures helps keep team members on the same page and can identify patterns and issues before they force development to a halt.

Tech professionals from Forbes Technology Council share tips that businesses can implement to identify and track issues that crop up during the tech development process and beyond.

Put Bugs On The Product Backlog

“Adding bugs that make it into the shippable increment on the product backlog surfaces them directly to the development team. I also encourage prioritizing bugs to the top of the backlog if they’ll ever be fixed. This creates a negative feedback loop: If the development team is producing a lot of bugs, their velocity will go down until they identify and address the cause of low quality.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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