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Tech teams often operate under tight deadlines, and to succeed, they need to be operating at maximum efficiency. Tech team leaders need to keep their staff focused and motivated while simultaneously keeping a sharp eye out for bad habits among their developers—especially those that are a drag on productivity and the overall effectiveness of the team.

Tech industry experts from Forbes Technology Council discuss bad habits that they’ve witnessed amongst their development teams and gave their advice on addressing these issues.

Looking Ahead On The Product Backlog

“Most developers are great about focusing on the work for the current sprint. However, some fall into the trap of looking ahead on the product backlog and picking something ‘sexy or shiny’ to work on. I wish they’d ask, ‘What else can I do to help complete the work for this sprint?’ If there’s nothing they can work on independently without stepping on others’ toes, pairing is often a great option.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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