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In a tech company, the people who develop your product usually are not the ones selling it. Sales numbers and customer retention can dramatically decline if the members of your sales team don’t fully understand your product’s functionality or its capabilities. They may under-promote it, leaving out vital details that could close the deal, or make unrealistic promises about the product, leaving new customers disappointed and more likely to move on.

Here’s how Dave and the members of the Forbes Technology Council recommend encouraging greater collaboration between the sales and engineering teams.

Invite the Sales Staff to Attend Sprint Reviews

“The best way I’ve seen to keep sales team members connected with the technical group is to have them attend development team sprint reviews. Taking one hour every other week to see the latest completed features and understand what’s coming next is a game-changer. Most importantly, the sales team can provide direct input based on what they’re hearing from customers, guiding the team’s priorities.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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