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Committing to resolutions can bring significant change in your life. Unfortunately, most people abandon their resolutions within the first month of a new year. Many times, it’s not because of a lack of willpower, but simply because they lack something to remind them of what they should (or shouldn’t) be doing.

Luckily, technology can help even the busiest of entrepreneurs stay the course in their New Year’s resolutions.

In this post, Forbes Technology Council member and Ascendle CEO Dave Todaro shares his favorite app that he finds most useful in holding onto his New Year’s resolutions.


“My favorite tool for keeping new year’s resolutions — whether personal or professional — is StickK. This simple but clever app uses social engineering to get you to keep promises to yourself. Met your commitment? Great! Missed it? You’ll get slapped with a financial penalty for any dollar amount you choose. The money goes to a charity, an ‘anti-charity,’ or an individual you select.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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