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Before a business sends out content for publication, they tend to have proofreaders go over it with a fine-toothed comb to make sure there aren’t any errors. Tech companies are no different — if they review their code carefully before launch, they avoid problems before they start and further down the road. By following best practices, tech teams are able to catch more issues and have a smoother code review experience.

Ascendle CEO Dave Todaro gives his best piece of advice for reviewing code in a recent article with the Forbes Technology Council about the 10 best practices for code review:

Separate New Features and Bug Fixes From the Next Release.

“One standard all our teams follow is to separate code for any new features or bug fixes from the code that’s destined for the next release of the product. Before the new code is merged in, the team creates a pull request. The code must be peer-reviewed by at least one other team member and any issues must be addressed before it can be called ‘done.’ This has consistently driven quality higher for us.” – Dave Todaro, Ascendle

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