Accelerated Software Delivery

This offering is a unique combination of highly-experienced product, technical, and process experts and top developers and QA engineers.

Clients choose this service to improve their speed to market with mission-critical projects. You’ll interact with our US-based team while they ensure your project delivers maximum business value.

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Why People Hire Ascendle

People hire us for at least one of the following three reasons, though usually, it’s all three.

Your Project is Complex

At this point, you might know precisely how to execute your vision, but you lack the internal bandwidth to do so. It’s a difficult project, full of unknowns. It’s exactly why people choose Ascendle.

Transparency is Critical

You can’t afford for your project to go into a black hole, only to come out months later full of bugs. Our fully transparent process ensures you’ll know the status of your project at all times.

You Can’t Afford to Fail

Your project isn’t the flavor of the week or something your team thinks “would be cool.” Instead, this project was conceived as a way to deliver true value to your stakeholders. Millions of dollars are at stake, and if it doesn’t produce business value, that’s a serious problem.

We’ve developed our custom software pricing model specifically for customers facing these key challenges.

Here’s how it works

Phase 1: Strategy

Here’s the secret other firms won’t tell you: At the beginning of a project, it’s impossible to know the total cost of a custom software development project.

Most software projects go over budget due to unforeseen complexity and changes in scope. The more information that can be discovered up front, the more accurate the projected schedule – and projected cost – will be.

That’s why all of our custom software development engagements begin with a detailed strategy phase.

During this phase, our team of product and development experts works closely with you to understand your vision and solidify your requirements, technology, and architecture. We create a prioritized “to-do list” – the product backlog – which will be used to guide the work of the team. We also work with you to bring the user interface design to life and create a click-through prototype of your product.

Our custom development strategy phase pricing starts at $99,995 depending on the unique needs of your project. Typically, this runs 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your project.

Seven Deliverables From Our Strategic Process


Roles & Features

Through working sessions we’ll dig deeper to understand the full scope of the product and create a high-level roles and features list.

Product Backlog

We’ll write a full set of user stories, which define the desired behavior of the system. We’ll work with you to put them into a force-ranked list, which forms the product backlog.


Size Estimate

Through a series of 3 to 5 estimating sessions, our technical experts review the product backlog and assign points to each user story to create a level of effort estimate.

Schedule Projection

Leveraging the size estimate, recommended development team size, and desired start date, we create an estimated completion schedule.


Phase 2: Delivery

Fully formed Scrum teams can be scaled to match your delivery time frame.

During the strategy phase of your project, we solidify your anticipated launch date and project budget. Once a team size is chosen, senior software engineers and a quality assurance engineer are ramped up and start executing in two-week production cycles called sprints.

Each of Ascendle’s Accelerated Software DeliverySM Teams operates on two-week sprints. The only difference is the number of resources dedicated to your project. This allows you the flexibility to accommodate your budget requirements and launch on time. Scope varies from project to project, but we often produce a minimum viable product (MVP) within 16 to 20 weeks after the strategy phase.

Every 2 weeks you’ll see new, fully-tested features that you can use in a private demo environment. As you see the product coming together and show it to your team and users, you’ll inevitably come up with new ideas.

We’ll continuously work with you to respond to changing business conditions, adjusting the backlog to course-correct the work of the team.

Accelerated Software DeliverySM Team Sizes and Rates

Pricing shown below includes the blended hourly rate and weekly price for your entire team.




Product Owner
Quality Engineer
Full-Time Engineers
Software Architect
UI/UX Architect




Product Owner
Quality Engineer
Full-Time Engineers
Software Architect
UI/UX Architect




Product Owner
Quality Engineer
Full-Time Engineers
Software Architect
UI/UX Architect




Product Owner
Quality Engineer
Full-Time Engineers
Software Architect
UI/UX Architect

Download the PDF to learn more.

Accelerated Software Delivery Guide PDF ebook visualizationAccelerated Software Delivery Guide PDF ebook visualization

Fill out the form to download the complete Accelerated Software DeliverySM Guide from Ascendle and dive into the details about our custom software development pricing!

“There are a lot of companies who talk the talk, but Ascendle actually walks the walk.”

– David Young, Technical Product Owner, Honeywell

Our Custom Software Development Pricing is Clear.

So is our guarantee.

We deliver business value every two weeks, or you don’t pay.

At the end of any 2-week sprint, if you feel we didn’t deliver business value, we will invite you not to pay for that sprint.

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“Ascendle has a rare combination of business understanding and development chops.”

– Jeff Pollock, CEO, Idencia

A Proven Process Trusted by Leading Brands

A Trusted Partner That Delivers Business Value

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