When Time and Opportunity Don’t Align

A business aviation and technology company saw an opportunity to offer their clients access to a Flight Services Marketplace to complement their current fleet logistics application. This idea was a game-changer, but the window of execution was extremely narrow. The company had plans to participate in an upcoming trade show, which would provide the perfect opportunity to showcase this new offering.

With the trade show just a few months away, the company feared they didn’t have the internal capacity to develop this new feature. Still, they knew this was a huge opportunity. By being the first to market this concept, the company would be able to connect with the biggest vendors and affirm its position as an industry leader. Despite the tight timeline, they felt a strong sense of urgency to prioritize development and stay ahead of the competition.

That’s where Ascendle came in.

A Simplified Solution

The company engaged Ascendle to develop a strategy for delivering a complete, usable, demonstratable application of the shopping marketplace in time for the tradeshow in just 4 months. During the engagement, the Ascendle team sat down with representatives from the company to map out all the requirements for this system, including the necessary user stories. As the estimated size of the project became clear, it was realized that a simpler approach was needed to meet the tradeshow deadline.

Since much of the basic platform was standard to other solutions already on the market, the Ascendle team suggested using an off-the-shelf e-commerce solution, then customizing it with the features the client wanted in order to create the minimum viable product (MVP).

Delivering the Necessary Efficiency

Ascendle was then engaged to build this flight services marketplace MVP. An Ascendle team was quickly created and began work right away. With the tight timeline in mind, we knew we needed to work quickly and efficiently. In less than eight weeks, the Ascendle team was able to fully build, test and complete the project. This included the configuration and customization of the e-commerce marketplace application and the development of a separate “connector” application, which linked the e-commerce and client systems. Orders created in the e-commerce store were instantly available in the client application, resulting in a seamless, integrated shopping experience for the end-user.

At the tradeshow, the demonstration of the system went flawlessly. In fact, the company reported back that potential vendors were already discussing how they could work with our client to bring value to the marketplace.